About Us

Erik Olson

  • Grew up in Temecula, TVHS Alumnus
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, UC-Irvine
  • B.S. Materials Science Engineering, UC-Irvine
  • Experience at Oakley, Kia Motors, DENSO
  • 6 Years Tutoring Experience
  • Currently employed Industrial Automation Engineer

Zach Mitchell

  • Grew up in Temecula, TVHS Alumnus
  • B.S. Physics, UC-Riverside
  • Air National Guard Veteran
  • Civil Engineering (3E5X1), 6 Years
  • 10 Years Tutoring Experience
  • Currently employed freelance Android and Java Developer

Our Core Values

Cultivate curiosity

Curiosity is the basis for meaningful learning. Here at SOS, we are absolutely fascinated by the infinite questions and opportunities presented by the natural world. All of us at SOS have lived immersed in STEM, and what keeps the fire alive is this ferocious curiosity. Where did we come from, what problems do we face today, and perhaps most importantly – how can we craft a better future?

Improve Scientific Literacy

The United States is in a crisis of education. Government is gridlocked while the world continues to progress at break-neck speed while our youth and workforce get left behind. SOS’ mission is to bring the bleeding-edge technology and skills that are in-demand to those whose conventional educational system has failed them. We believe that by empowering the populace with these skills, we will be on our way to crafting a better society from within, where we become the creators of our destiny rather than looking to the outside world for talent.

Practice Authenticity

SOS is dedicated to practicing honesty and truth. There is, quite simply, no room for BS in STEM. There will be no certificate at the end of our tutoring sessions, courses, or bootcamps. SOS’ goal is to provide you with real skills. If we have fulfilled our purpose, we will have provided our clients with skills that speak for themselves, so that when you are out there in the wild, you won’t be the person pointing to a piece of paper for credibility. You will point to something of value, something real – a website, an app, a product. You’ll know when we say job well done, that means something.

Make it fun

STEM isn’t always what you might call fun in the strictest sense of the word. But nothing really matters if it isn’t, at some point, about making this stay on Earth a good time. In line with our other values, fun is necessary to make those other values reality instead of just words on a screen. With two engineering degrees from UC-Irvine (a top-ten public university), I can tell you that if you do not have fun along the way, you will lose your drive. As much as we can SOS strives to make STEM come to life with hands-on, experiential learning.